Gilles Vanwormhoudt


Associate professor at Telecom Lille

Member of Caramel Research Team at CRIStAL Laboratory


I am currently involved in the scientific project of CARAMEL , a team which is part of the Software Engineering group of the CRIStAL Laboratory.

My current research activities focus on two main topics:

(1) Template-based Model Driven Engineering (parameterized software models) (2) The Submodel notion for model retrieval

Recent publications

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Teaching activities

My teaching activities are in the area of software development at the Master Level.

I am responsible of the specialization in Distributed Software Architecture.

Main courses


I write many softwares for both research and teaching activities. My preferred languages are Java, Scala and Swift.

Some projects


Telecom Lille, 2 rue marconi, 59655 Villeneuve d'ascq


Tel (+33)320335536