Since Sep. 2011-

Since Jan. 1998-

Sep. 1994- Dec 1997

Professor, Institut Mines Télécom

Teaching in TELECOM Lille, engineering school from Institut TELECOM, Villeneuve d’Ascq.
Research in IEMN (Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologies, CNRS, UMR 8520) and in IRCICA (Institut de Recherche sur les Composants logiciels et matériels pour l'Information et les Communications Avancées, CNRS, FR 3024).

Ph.D. student in TELECOM Bretagne, Brest: "Traitement du signal appliqué aux électrocardiogrammes"; supervisor: J.M. Boucher.

Academic background

Nov. 2009

Dec. 1997

Jun. 1994

Jun. 1993
HDR, "Vers une modélisation du canal radio et des interférences pour l'intelligence ambiante" University of Lille I, France

Ph.D. in Signal Processing
University of Rennes I, France

Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications
University of Rennes I, France

Engineer Degree
ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France

Projects and International Activities

Responsible of research axis "Communication systems and microwave applications" in IEMN.
French representative of the COST action IC-1004, « Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments » which started in May 2011.
Participation to European projects COST 273 (“Towards Broadband Multimedia Networks”) and COST 2100 (“Pervasive Mobile & Ambient Wireless Communications”). Management committee meeting organization in Lille in October 2008.
Participation to GdR (French research groups) Waves and Signal. Organization of a meeting on wireless networks in May 2008.
European Regional Development Fund “Next generation local area networks” (leader) and Mobile Communicating Objects”) – 2000-2003.
European Regional Development Fund “Multimedia and multisupport short range Communications” – 2004-2007.

Projects from the Institut TELECOM (“Preparation of future generation wideband indoor networks: 60 GHz channel : modeling and communication systems optimization” – 2001 and 2002, Channel and physical layer model for sensor networks – 2007, Interference Management in Internet of Things - 2010) (leader).

National Research Agency (France government) WASABI: “Wireless System And SystemC-AMS Basic Infrastructure” – 2008-2011.

Current Research Interest

Research activities concern the physical layer of wireless networks (cellular, local, ad hoc, sensor networks). Major research field are characterisation and statistical modelling of the channel (Ultra Wide Band, millimetre wave), and multiple access schemes and especially the multiple access interference. This research activity is closely linked to the material architecture in IEMN and to the MAC and network layers with LIFL (Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille).


From first to fifth year of the engineering school; Master degree; Deterministic and random signals, time-frequency analysis, wavelets, hidden Markov models. Digital communication, channel coding, multiple access schemes, CDMA Propagation channel. Matlab. In charge of programs.